This page will be I hope mostly informative and useful to some of you

but it may also occasionally be indulgent! It will provide links to

markets, lovely products, suppliers and sometimes just things I think

you may like.

Duck Pond Markets, my chosen market to sell at. See dates in where to find me.


The markets are vibrant with a wonderful atmosphere. Lots of lovely things

to buy and eat in fine surroundings. I am probably a little biased towards

the Artisan Craft and Food market in Heron Square Richmond but none

disappoint. Go and have a look at the website and discover all the markets

be you a shopper or would be trader.


I come here for a myriad of reasons. Yes of course I come to buy fabric and am frequently met with loud laughter when I wander in saying I am only looking not buying today, they know it is not possible. I think I have left without fabric once but I did buy some machine needles and oil so honour was satisfied.

I can honestly say that I always leave FG feeling better than when I went in, often more effective and always cheaper than therapy. I also invariably come away with some valuable nugget of useful information. You will be hearing lots more about FG in the blog!

Go on, visit them and see for yourself.

Markets can be very dangerous places! When this thoroughly gorgeous stall is at Richmond when I am it is impossible to resist. It took me far too long to choose a photograph, it is just the same with choosing what cake to have, in the end I went for my latest favourite. Heaven. If you can resist then I am impressed, though disappointed!


Without the help of Sophie Talbot I could not have done any of this.

If you need a site building Sophie has infinite patience, knowledge and

will actually listen to what you want without the “I am the creative here” attitude.

I cannot thank her enough for making me believe that I could build my own blog.


Lou Rayburn Photography

I have been so lucky to be a neighbour of Lou’s at Duck Pond Richmond for several years now.

Lou is there almost every sunday come rain or shine. Her pictures are fabulous and are so

popular, going like hot-cakes to the customers at the market. Go and see her on sunday.

She now has an added attraction in the shape of her gorgeous cockapoo puppy.