First Post!


alt lav bags

Now I have sat down to write my first post on my new blog all my plans and ideas for the first one  seem to have vanished. I think I will just go with the flow. When I started sarahmade I did not want a full blown website as I felt that as a one man band a shop would not work to start with as I only really have time at the moment to make enough for the markets that I attend. I did however want something where I could show what I make, markets I will be at and also a bit about who I am and what else I do.

When a friend suggested a  blog I was a little apprehensive as I had never really written before but though no Shakespeare I really enjoy it. I would like what I write to be a little like me telling you this if we were having a drink or a coffee and a chat. There is of course a danger that some posts will run away with me but I will temper this with those that have more pictures than prose!

My first blog, through various errors and misunderstandings recently vanished in to ether. I surprised myself by being quietly resigned rather than theatrically upset and decided to move on. My first action was to get my domain name back and once that was done I could relax. What next………call Sophie! In no time a time for a beer and a chat was arranged and while sitting in the sun in Granary Square I was pointed in the direction of all I needed. I did make notes and did my best to listen to all the advice but at the back of my mind was the worry that when I actually sat down to do it everything in my head would translate as scrambled egg.

I installed Enfold into WordPress and after a few hesitant steps and frantic messages I found I really enjoyed something that is not my natural metier and soon got into my stride. There is still so much to do but please bear with me and you will see changes and improvements as time passes.

The hard work has really only just begun as not only do I need to post regularly but I need to get some great new photographs and make lots of lovely new pieces.