When I stopped being a full time caterer

I managed to find a way of combining the

two things I enjoy most, cooking and making.

More about this later.

This blog is still a work in progress so please bear with me until I get everything as I would like it!


The clothes I make are the sort that I wear also that my customers would enjoy Everything that I make  is easy to wear and will fit most shapes and sizes.

I like to think that my garments are timeless so avoid the transience of todays fashion.


I love linen and never tire of it. If I use anything else I prefer 100% natural fabrics but if I fall in love with something and the proportion of natural fabric is high then it will slip through.I do have quite a lot of fabric, though can frequently be tempted by Fabrics Galore!


The main part of my stock comprises of clothing but I cannot resist going back to a few favourite makes!

I do try to be strict but I can often stray to make the odd bag or cushion etc,but then variety is the spice of life!!!!

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