I hand make a selection of items to sell on my market stall. I am focusing on garments this year but I know that cushion covers and lavender bags will continue to make an appearance.

Recently I have been persuaded to add my homemade soups to the mix  during some of the colder weekends.

This site is designed to tell you what I do, where I sell and any news.

I am not a blogger but will occasionally post something that I think you may enjoy, not always about my market life but my life in general.

These aprons are the first garments that I made for my stall and are still my favourite. They now come in various colours and sizes.

I am gradually adding other items such as fisherman’s smocks and trousers. Watch this space!

It took a while to settle on the  bag I wanted to make and have  fallen in love with large and roomy Japanese style bags. They come in a variety of colours , fabrics and styles but will always have room for just about anything! Sneak peak at a fisherman’s smock too!

 My preferred fabric has always been linen, I just love the feel and it is wonderful to work with. As long as it is natural I will use almost any fabric and I have been known to let something of dubious provenance slip through as long as it is beautiful!

As my own small gesture towards saving the planet I am going to try not to buy any fabric during 2019, this is not going to be easy being a fabric addict.
I shall also be up cycling some beautiful gifted soft furnishing fabrics, starting with re-usable gift bags.